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Visitors' Book

David Ross

07950 096 432

Garv Vidgeon

Rod Baker


Simon Lewis

07971 912 478

Frank and Jean

Witold Czaja





Anthony Green

+447828 691 529




Chris Carpenter

Joy Galley

Nigel Clarke

A place with a sense of humour like "Children free (please remember to take them home)" sounds my sort of friendly place, and I hope to book for a few days on the way from Barecamp in September to a Retreat / conference in Cropthorne. (9 April 2023)

It looks like a lovely place you have there. I would love to visit. (16 April 2023)

I may well try a day visit in 2023 and possibly apply for membership as I wish the club every success for the future.   (12 April 2023)

Looks like such a relaxing place to visit. (March 2023)

Looks a lovely place. The Secretary seems familiar.

Still looking good, Heather. (14 March 2023)

Fantastic place and fantastic people. We will keep coming back. (17 July 2022)

Lovely peaceful site where you can hear the birds sing while sitting in sunshine. (03 April 2022)

Beautiful club, stunning views of the Malvern Hills. Members so friendly and welcoming. Kettle always on. Well worth a visit. (03 April 2022)

Looks interesting and very well presented.

Maybe one day I'll visit. (24 February 2022)

Great to have all the information at our fingertips.

Great work. (09 January 2022)

Great website. Looks lovely location. I would be interested in joining if you are looking for new members. (02 Nov 2021)

Looks very peaceful, somewhere to be able to enjoy the sunshine without the hassle and worry, would like to visit one day. (30 August 2021)

Great to see an updated website and pictures of new facilities. Missing you all - keep up the good work. (01 July 2021)

Just remembered to look at the new website. The photos are great and show what a good club we have. Well done.

(25 Nov 2020)

1st name in book (26 Sept 2020)

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