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The Club's Committee

Wyvern Swim & Sun Club is a "Members' Club" in that it is fully owned and run by the Club members. The day-to-day running of the Club is performed by a Committee of 10 members who are elected to a two year term of office by the AGM.

To allow the Committee Members to be readily identified, especially by visitors and new members, protographs and a brief description are shown below.


Heather Green. Chairman

I have been a Wyvern member for more years than I care to remember. I have served on committee for several years on and off as a lady member and the Treasurer. I love and care for all the members dearly they are my second family, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help them if needed.

Please come for a visit at our wonderful friendly club you will return


Paula Curtis. Treasurer

Loves art, music being a member of the chorale choir.

travels with husband in motor home around uk. foreign travel and cruising when able.

Tony Green_edited.jpg

Tony Green. Secretary

Tony had been a naturist for many years before joining Wyvern 6 years ago. Since retiring he has been able to enjoy naturism, with many club visits, at home and around the country.

He enjoys getting out and about in motorhome, playing guitar and the comradery of other naturists

Christine Dyer. Lady Member

I have been a naturist for over 40 years, I am married toand have two sons who have also been brought up as naturists.

I am a committed christian and a retired teacher. I am looking forward to working for Wyvern on the committee and watching the club grow now.

Steve Langley.jpeg

Steve Langley. Minutes Secretary

Found Wyvern Swim and Sun Club 2 years ago and absolutely fell in love with the Club.

The most relaxing fun place with the best bunch of amazing people. I was made to feel at home from the first day and now, I get to the club as often as possible.

Lynda Dorn_edited.jpg

Lynda Dorn. Lady Member

I have been a naturist for 22 years. I have been to a few clubs now, and always come back to Wyvern, as it is a lovely little place and so friendly,

I was an auxiliary nurse in mental health for 30 years before retiring. My hobby is jigsaws.

Linda Sanders. Lady Member

Mike Gibbins_edited.jpg

Michael Gibbins. Gentleman Member

I joined Wyvern three years ago, after having attended a BN Solos weekend. Long time BN member.

Also enjoy clay pigeon shooting, country pursuits and, when i get the chance, getting out with my camera.

At the age of 40 I decided to try naturism for the first time , as a single male acceptance was difficult.I visited Acorns retreat numerous times , Carbeil , Tything Barn and Nudefest  and Severn vale swim , but something was always missing . I needed a naturist family and I found them at the secret garden we call Wyvern Sun club .

Bert Dorn_edited.jpg

Bert Dorn. Gentleman Member

i have been a naturist since 1963 in my homeland of Scotland, i have enjoyed a few clubs and holidays abroad as a naturist and i have found my place at Wyvern.

Wyvern Swim & Sun Club

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