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First, an apology to all those who have been trying to access the site over between 16th and 22 May, and have not been able to. This has now, I hope, been corrected.

Since I started this website, I have been both owner and webmaster. It should be noted that, when I started the project, I knew nothing about how to do it, and was having to operate by trial and error.


For a long time, I thought that the correct owner should be the Club, in the person of the current Secretary. The position could then be transferred automatically as the AGM elections produced replacement secretaries. The owner can then assign a new webmaster to continue editing this site.

With Tony's permission, I initiated the process on 17 May, and we both thought that Tony had completed the process the following day. It was only when it was found that browsers could not see the site, that we found that further work was required. With the aid of a Wix help-desk operator, we found and corrected the problem on 22 May.

In future, the ownership will remain with the Club. All that will be required will be for the outgoing Secretary to pass the email address to the new Secretary, and all will be done.

Martin Bullen   23 May 2023

WHAT3WORDS 22 January 2023

Following an minor accident at the Club on Saturday 21 January, an ambulance crew had difficulty in finding the Club. They advised those present that, by saying just 3 specific words, they could be led directly to the Club. 

The entire surface of the Earth has been divided into 3 metre squares, and each square has three words which will uniquely define it. All emergency personnel will recognise the system and be able to attend with no further directions.

Your Webmaster considers that this is so important that every page on the website now carries these three words at the bottom of the page. All members are urged to go to the website, linked by clicking the three words below, and find their three word for their home. You may need it sometime.

        UPDATE 18 July 2023

I have just discovered the correct format for writing the three words: 3 forward slashes, followed by the three words in lower case, and separated by full stops.

For example, see the bottom of this page (and every page on this website).

Wyvern Swim & Sun Club

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