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Clubhouse Photographs
Album A 149.jpg

When the Club was formed, a comfortable clubhouse was built

Album W 105.jpg
Album H 114.JPG

Insurance, and a grant from the National Lottery, enabled the Club to buy a new clubhouse ...

One night in 2008, it burnt to the ground

Album H 148.JPG

A couple of coats of wood preservative completed the task

Album P  126 .JPG

Very soon a conservatory was added

Album K 024.jpg

... which was erected in just one day by the vendors

Album H 173.JPG

Soon, the members built a porch over the main door


The completed clubhouse, as it is today

Album K 020.jpg

A gas-powered kitchen has been fitted into one end ...

... and a lounging area into the other.

Wyvern Swim & Sun Club

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