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FAQs:   Naturist Etiquette

Will I be expected to undress at the gate?

No. You undress when you are comfortable in doing so. Take your time.

A newcomer to naturism will naturally be nervous. Get used to seeing naked people going about their day in a completely natural manner, and you will suddenly realise that you are somewhat overdressed. That is the time to strip off for the first time while in a social situation.

If the weather is hot and sunny, anyone not getting undressed may be viewed with a little suspicion, and a member of the Committee may ask why you are staying clothed. In inclement weather, nobody will expect you to undress.

Where should I look when talking to a naked person?

Straight in the eye, just as you would if talking to a clothed person. Do not stare at a naturist, especially below the neck line.

How do I address a member of the opposite sex?

Usually by their first name. 

Naturists are, in general, informal, but guard their privacy. Until you get to know a naturist, you may not even learn their surname.

What about children?

Advice about conduct where children are present may be found here.

Where's my towel?

When naked, whether in clubhouse or on the sun lawn, always sit on a towel or an item of your own clothing. (This does not apply when sitting in a Jakuzzi)

"You should always know where your towel is." Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

How do I contact Committee Members?

In the first instance, any contact is, preferentially, by email. This permits the Committee Member to answer when convenient.

If no email is available, or the matter is urgent, then use the telephone.

Unless you are a personal friend, or are specifically invited, never visit their home address.

Wyvern Swim & Sun Club

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